"I have no dream.        
I just want to paint.        
It would be convenient       
to have an atelier, indeed.     
Variety of canvases and paints.
An atelier, where one could     
ride a motorcycle."         

Július Jakoby                 
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  19th March 2020
Dear friends, due to prevention, and in order to protect ourselves from the corona virus, we have decided to move the presentation of the book Jakoby Retroskeptíva indefinitely.
You can still buy the book in Artforum shops (it is neccessary to arrange this with your local Artforum) or via eshop here. Thank you for understanding, and we hope to keep your favour.

Book presentation in Artforum

  27th February 2020
We would like to invite you to the presentation of Jakoby Retrospektíva book taking place on Thursday, March 12th at 18:00 at Artforum / Hlavná 87 / Košice.

A throughout publication on the life and work of the impactful painter Július Jakoby from Košice will be presented by the editor - Daniel Liška, along with a friend of the painter - sculptor Juraj Bartusz, the director of East Slovak Gallery - Dorota Kenderova & the author of the book's visual side - artist Katarína Rybnická. Presented by Peter Bereš.