Jakoby Retrospektíva (English Description)


Daniel Liška (ed.)
Publisher:   Artforum Košice
Cover:       HB / hardback, sewn, with canvas
Print:     full color offset printing
Pages:      226
Dimensions: 290 x 240 mm
Weight:       1 350g (with packaging 1 580g)
Edition:       first, Košice 2020
Language:  Slovak

The book Jakoby - Retrospektíva is devoted to the life and work of artist Július Jakoby (1903 - 1985). The publication presents the artist's work in 231 reproductions and three extensive interviews. Part of the book is dedicated to study of Jakoby's mosaic work. Reader also can get carried away in an interview by sculptor Juraj Bartusz about his older friend - Július Jakoby.
Many reproductions of Jakoby's paintings are published in book form for the first time. The pictures are supplemented by photographs from the family archive.

"What is not good must be destroyed. I am not the first to act by this rule. It is not so easy to paint."
Július Jakoby

The book by Daniel Liška presents one of the most significant figures of the 20th century art scene of the Košice by painter Július Jakoby to the wider public through Jakoby's fascinating painting work and his views and ideas.

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